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You deserve the best.

Reppert Auction School is the oldest continuously operated and most complete auction school in the country.

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Reppert Auction School is the place for you if you are interested in:

Knowing how to call bids and be an auctioneer
Learning how to operate your own business
Equipping yourself for a good paying occupation
Building confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your salesmanship
Learning how to make the best possible buy at an auction
Knowing the benefits of selling your goods or property by the auction method

Auction Education Team

John Kruse


Dennis Kruse

President Emeritus

Matthew Kruse


The Auction Method

Nothing is more entertaining than attending a well run auction and listening to the rhythmic chant of a good auctioneer. However, an auction is much more than just an exciting event. The auction method of marketing is by far the most profitable way of converting goods, property and real estate into cash.

Only at auction can you:

Expose your Property to the greatest number of Buyers

Quickly turn Property into Cash and cut holding costs

Set your Own Terms and Conditions of Sale

Guarantee the Sale is at True Market Value, not a price that has been negotiated down

Create an exciting, competitive atmosphere among highly interested Buyers

Keep closing time at a Minimum, giving you a Quick, Cash Return on your assets

CE Classes

Live and online continuing education classes

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Our goal is to make sure you can be the best auctioneer possible.

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