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Our Robust Curriculum.

Crafted by our wide variety of expert instructors to equip you with the best tools in the industry to launch your successful career as an auctioneer or bid caller.

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Auction Basics

Auction Types
Auctioneering from A to Z
Running an Auction Business
Introduction to Auctions
Auction Management
Auctions and the Time Value of Money
Achieving Stability in the Auction Profession

Business Structure
Surviving in the Auction Business
Building an Auction Business while Keeping Your Job
Contract Auctioneering
Personality and Selling A Potential Client
Business Plans for Auctioneers

Legal Aspects

Federal Auction Law
State License Law
Bankruptcy and the Auctioneer
Contract Law
Anti-Trust and the Auctioneer
Uniform Commercial Code
Secured Transactions & Bulk Sales
Absentee Bidding

Environmental Concerns
Agency and the Auctioneer Auction Ethics: A Practical Guide for Auctioneers
Polishing Your Professional Image
License Law Summary
A Survey of Legal Issues for Auctioneers
Basic Liability Limitation Techniques
Corporations, Partnerships and other business entities

Advertising & Marketing

Advertising and Publicity
Logo Design
Target Marketing
Marketing Your Auction Company
Auctioneers and Earned Media

Press Release Layout
Adapting to the (Changing) American Buying Culture
Emerging Marketing Media
Marketing Strategies for Auctioneers
Sample Marketing Proposal

The Auction Chant

Public Speaking
Voice Usage and Care
How to Decrease Vocal Strain
Voice Fitness Tips
Tongue Twisters
Auction Chant Structure
Bid Calling
The Auction Chant
The Psychology of Bid Calling

Bid Calling Critique
Bid Calling Competitions
Bid Calling Scorecard
The Basic Chant
Opening Statements
Opening Speech
Auction Chant Manual
Live Auction Experience

Auction Preparation, Conduction & Settlement

Insurance and the Auctioneer
Auction Budgets and Summaries
Auction Budgets and Summary Scenarios
General Auction Setup
Auction Sale Order and Merchandising
Household, Estate and Specialty Auction Setup
Farm Equipment Setup
Auction Security
Clerking and Cashiering
Mobile Office Supply List
Computer Clerking Auction
Settlement & Payment

Technology and the Auctioneer
Technology and the Auction Business
Online Auctions
Hand Signals
Importance of Ringpeople
Ringperson, the Big Difference
The Successful Auctioneer
Auction Gallery Overview
Auction Houses
Auction House Operation
Sample Consigner Forms

Auctioneers, Appraisals and Real Estate

Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practices
Personal Property Appraisals
Personal Property Appraisal Form
Real Estate Appraisals
Uniform Residential Appraisal Report
Real Estate Auctions Basics
Selling Real Estate at Auction
Real Estate Auctions

Residential Real Estate at Auction
Agricultural and Multi-Parcel Real Estate at Auction
Real Estate Auction Process and Techniques
Due Diligence Checklist
Auction Coordinator Checklist
Real Estate Auction Case Studies
Internet Only Real Estate Auctions
Multi-Parcel Case Study

Specialty Auction Topics

Antiques and Collectible Auctions
Fine Art Auctions
Furniture Styles
Furniture Store Auctions
Estate Auctions
Automobile Auctions
Collector Car Auctions
Farm Machinery Auctions
Heavy Equipment Auctions
Steps for a Successful Auction
Commercial and Industrial Auctions
Business Liquidation Auctions
Firearm Auctions
Tobacco Auctions
Agribusiness Auctions
Livestock, Online, Bid Calling
Livestock Auctions
Livestock Definitions

Cattle Auctions
Purebred Cattle Auctions
Hog Auctions
Sheep Auctions
Horse Auctions
Carriage Auctions
Fine Jewelry Identification
Coin Auctions
Coin and Card Auctions
Jewelry Auctions
Oriental Rug Auctions
Specialty Auctions
Controversial Items at Auction
Corporate Auctioneering
Charity Auctions
How To Be Paid for Benefit Auctions
Benefit Auctions